Răzvan Hopu│Attorney at law has a well-established litigation and dispute practice, experience in advising and representing its clients across a e full spectrum of litigation matters including commercial and civil litigation, labor, criminal, administrative law, intellectual property, corporate law, insurance, insolvency procedure and tax.

Our law office has many years’ of practice and have accumulated sound experience in complex cases, including representation from trial courts to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, as well as in front of Constitutional Court of Romania. Răzvan Hopu│Attorney at law is used to thoroughly analyze its clients’ specific situations, providing a breakdown of the risks and opportunities, strengths and weaknesses before determining the most promising strategy with the client.

Similarly, our law office assists its clients in the management of pre-litigation phases and, in general, with negotiations that may result in any alternative conflict resolution. Also, provides assistance regarding different proceedings aimed at securing and enforcing court rulings.

Our law office has experience in criminal law and guide the clients through every stage of litigation and assist them including in the investigation procedure, in making the right choice for a successful defense and favourable ruling.

Răzvan Hopu│Attorney at law has significant experience in the management of cases regarding money laundering, tax evasion, misappropriation, deception, corruption, electoral offenses and other offenses in the economic and financial-banking sphere.

Whatever the economic context, companies can experience times with financial or structural difficulties. In such times, Răzvan Hopu│Attorney at law assists and advises them to overcome any severe pressure times.

Our law office offers a full range of advisory, assistance and representation services to distressed companies, and their shareholders and creditors.

Also, our law firm provides assistance and representation related to debt recovery, including the pre-insolvency stage, prevention procedures and judicial insolvency, reorganization and bankruptcy procedures, for creditors and debtors.

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