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Răzvan Hopu│Attorney at law provides full legal services which include legal consultancy and litigation within different areas of expertise such as commercial and corporate, employment, insolvency, banking and finance services, mergers and acquisitions, insurance, public acquisitions, intellectual property, taxation matters.

We believe that the ability to be different is a key ingredient to success. In an interconnected world with so many political, climatic, technological changes that impacted all sectors, providing quality legal services by thinking out of the box and being innovative is a must.

With an efficient professional approach, linguistic capabilities, qualifications, but also a significant practical experience across many practice areas, Răzvan Hopu│Attorney at law places great value in delivering top-quality and exceptional legal services. Our law office ensures that the business success of our clients comes first. Răzvan Hopu│Attorney at law aim is to effectively communicate and to demonstrate personal and professional ethics, as well as an utmost concern for its clients.

Our law office has a reputation for understanding each client’s business needs and applying legal principles to craft workable solutions to meet clients objectives. With a unique combination of legal excellence, creative thinking, and experience, we identify, study in detail the clients’ problems and pursue business-savvy legal solutions.

Also, we support our clients by collaborating with professional experts, including accountants, business experts and other experts in order to provide full services for our clients. Moreover, our law office provides assistance and legal representation services for pro bono cases, albeit for natural persons with very low income.




E-mail:  [ razvan.hopu@hopu.ro]

Răzvan is the founder of this law office.

Răzvan is a highly qualified lawyer with over 10 years of experience in the field of litigation, specializing in commercial and civil, tax and administrative litigation, labor law, insurance, public procurement, insolvency, debt recovery, banking, disputes on structural funds and criminal law disputes.

Răzvan pleaded before the Romanian courts, including the High Court of Cassation and Justice and the Constitutional Court, for Romanian and foreign clients, in actions regarding sale-purchase contracts, transport contracts, FIDIC contracts, rental contracts, European funds, insolvency/bankruptcy, infringements of intellectual property rights, abusive clauses in credit agreements, as well as in a variety of civil law disputes.

He also has experience in the field of criminal law, assists and represents both individuals and clients, during criminal investigations, as well as before Romanian criminal courts, in complex matters, e.g. tax evasion, European funds, fraud, money laundering, misappropriation, crimes of fraud, corruption, confiscation, environmental offences, and so on.

In parallel, he has been involved in various areas of business consulting, in a variety of corporate/M&A, commercial, contractual, construction, and intellectual property rights.

Last but not least, he is involved in pro bono cases, providing legal services for the cases with a social component.

Răzvan is also an intellectual property advisor-trademarks and geographical indications.



E-mail:  [ bogdan.feraru@hopu.ro ]

Bogdan is a highly qualified lawyer with over 10 years of experience, specializing in all types of criminal law litigation. He is recognized as one of the best litigation lawyers in Romania, specializing in financial fraud disputes, corruption, tax evasion, crimes against European funds, money laundering, special confiscations, international mutual assistance and extradition, and so on.

Also, as a litigation lawyer, Bogdan pleaded in civil, commercial, administrative and fiscal disputes.

Moreover, he was also involved in various consulting projects, assisting the clients for negotiation and drafting complex contracts, especially in the commercial field.

Bogdan is also an intellectual property advisor-trademarks and geographical indications.

He is a member of the Bucharest Bar (since 2010) and of the Paris Bar (since 2015), running his own practice.



E-mail:  [ ioana.feraru@hopu.ro ]

Ioana is a highly qualified lawyer, with over 7 years of experience in litigation and business legal consultancy. Ioana is recognized for her legal knowledge, efficient and prompt approach to issues, as well as for her experience in many areas of the business environment.

As a litigation lawyer, Ioana has been involved in various cases by assisting and representing clients before the courts for commercial and civil, tax, insolvency, debt recovery, European funds, administrative, tax matters.

In addition to her expertise in litigation cases, Ioana has been involved in various areas of business legal consultancy, advising clients on complex projects in the field of intellectual property, labor law, corporate law, commercial matters, real estate and insurance law.

Ioana is a member of the Bucharest Bar since 2013.



E-mail:  [ alina.toderasc@hopu.ro ]

Alina is a highly qualified lawyer with over 4 years of experience in litigation and business legal consultancy. Alina has a creative thinking, excellent communication skills and the ability to mediate opposite positions and interests, skills constantly praised by clients.

As a litigator, Alina has assisted and represented clients in a wide range of cases before the courts, including commercial and civil, real estate, labor law, corporate law, insurance, insolvency and tax litigation.

Due to her ability to understand the business environment and its implications, Alina has also been involved in the field of business legal consultancy, advising clients on corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, banking and financial services, insurance, labor law and real estate.

Alina is a member of the Bucharest Bar since 2016.

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