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Our law office has considerable depth in the full array of IP law and provides legal advisory services in the process of registration of trademarks, patents, designs, patents industrial design as well on the copyrights.

Răzvan Hopu│Attorney at law provides assistance and representation both in the negotiation stages and in front of the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks or courts, in complex disputes regarding the protection of intellectual property rights against infringements, counterfeiting, misappropriation and unfair competition.

The services covered also include the drafting and negotiation of transactions, licenses, contracts for the sale and use of intellectual property rights.

The law office has experience in a broad range of banking law and assist clients in achieving timely and cost-effective solutions.

Răzvan Hopu│Attorney at law continuously advise banks, financial institutions, companies, investors and Romanian and foreign management companies on their day-to-day activity and in all the main sectors of leverage finance and business finance, comprising acquisitions finance, real estate finance, project finance and all types of structured financial products.

Also, our office advice on the new banking and stock exchange laws as well as credit, debt and security law. Substantial experience in banking disputes, including abusive clauses, letters of credit, letters of guarantee, fraud, cheques and loan agreements, and so on.

Răzvan Hopu│Attorney at law advises on a range of corporate matters, including incorporations and establishing a presence in Romania, joint ventures, company liquidations and voluntary winding-ups. Also, the services includes drafting and revision of all the corresponding company agreements and the implementation of restructuring measures.

Our law office assists clients in achieving their objectives, providing legal advice tailored to their needs to obtain the best results. We provides legal advice and accompanies its clients throughout all stages of the transaction, from strategy planning, corporate and deal structure to due diligence reports, negotiations, drafting of the relevant documents, follow-through on post-closing matters.

Also, our law firm provide advice and day-to-day support, including drafting, negotiation and completion support on a wide variety of commercial contracts.

Our law office offers effective and timely assistance to clients, supporting them in all the challenges related to the employment relationship.

Răzvan Hopu│Attorney at law provide representation and counseling services to both employees and employers and continually advises the clients regarding employment discrimination, employment contracts and statements of employment particulars, staff manuals and policies, employee benefits and pension, working environment measures, outsourcing of staff, transfer, executive compensations, conducting of investigations and settlement of employment disputes through negotiation and before the labor courts.

Also, our law office provides specific advice on matters related to social security issues and health and safety in the workplace.

Răzvan Hopu│Attorney at law has experience in all kinds of real estate transactions and the ability to see the client through the entire construction process of the most comprehensive facilities while protecting the clients’ interests at all stages of their projects, from planning to completion.

Our law office provides advice in all the matters to real estate, including purchase, sale and lease, as well as on major developments projects under real estate leases.

The practice focuses on investments, partnership between investors, developers and users; property rights, land management, security and lease, development and construction and regulated and unregulated real estate investment funds.

Răzvan Hopu│Attorney at law has gained experience representing insurance companies, brokers and mutual funds in matters of commercial, regulatory and compliance issues.

Particular services include standard terms and conditions for insurance products and individual agreements, permits and licenses/authorizations, providing legal assistance in relation with supervision authorities.

Also, our law office represents clients in litigation having as object the liability of the insurance companies, risk transfer, obtaining damages as a result of road traffic accidents, and so on. Our law office has handled an array of cases from minor injuries to significant material or moral damages.

Our law office has knowledge in the field of tax services. We assists clients by providing guidance regarding their business choices, with the aim of optimizing the fiscal impact and the tax risk within its compliance framework.

Răzvan Hopu│Attorney at law provide advice and day-to-day support in all tax aspects both nationally and internationally, including direct taxation, transfer pricing and value added tax. It also provide assistance in litigation proceedings.

Due to its sector specific knowledge in this sector and in terms of understanding the needs of clients, Răzvan Hopu│Attorney at law offers creative and innovative integrated solutions in this filed.

Our law office advises clients on all aspects of public procurement procedure, from the initial phase and strategy options to final allocation, including process management, participation as candidates in procurement procedures, drafting the tenders offers, drafting contracts, due diligence reports and documents, and legal representation in front of the authorities and courts.

Our law office provides an efficient and consistently professional level of advice starting with the due diligence legal analysis and drafting and negotiation of various contracts, assignments of shares, purchase of shares, agreements of partners/shareholders, transaction documents, and so on, for clients involved in various fields of business activity.

Also, the services include the establishment of companies, capital increases and transfers of shares/social shares, assistance and representation of clients in the meetings of the boards of directors, takeovers of companies, divisions and outsourcing, and so on.

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